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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Plants of the lower blue mountains

Common maidenhair

Adiantum aethiopicum L.
Family Adiantaceae
Common name: Common Maidenhair

Adiantum aethiopicum L. APNI*
Description: Rhizome creeping, much branched, covered with papery scales.

Fronds mostly 20–50 cm high, 2–4-pinnate, stalks of the ultimate segments attached at the centre of their bases so that segments ± symmetric at base; segments 3–8 mm long, membranous, pale green, outer margin lobed or finely toothed; stipe reddish brown to dark brown to very dark red-brown.

Sterile fronds spreading. Fertile fronds erect with smaller pinnules; sori large, reniform, usually 1–5 per segment.

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